20 October, 2009

Kellibeans Featured!

Hi all, ImagineMDD on Etsy gave me a heads up that my little Aunt Bee Matryoshka Softie doll made it into a blog collection for the Andy Griffith Show on their site. Check it out here, there are some interesting trivia bits in this post if you're a fan of Andy.

Hope your crafting adventures are taking you places! Right now, mine is taking me to bed, no amounts of Vitamin C and Zinc I've been ingesting for 3 days are fending off what I fear is turning into the flu.

10 October, 2009

How to prepare for a television appearance

If you have never appeared on television before, the article "Ready for Your Closeup?" gives you some tips and tricks for men and women on how to prepare your makeup and dress for a television appearance.