26 May, 2009

Teambluegrass Tuesday! Etsy Finds

It's TeamBluegrass Tuesday! Here are items in the theme of 'Yellow' from some of Kentucky's very best artists, photographers, and craftisans. Search TeamBluegrass in Etsy's Handmade search and find some beauties of your own. There are so many wonderful things, the eye candy is endless! Support the arts! Support Handmade! Support Kentuckians!
Honeysuckle Laundry Soap Vegan Eco Friendly

We are Flowers Too dandelion study n4 8x10

Wipe Your Mouth Napkins
from Facesarefunny

Drop of Sunshine Melody June Summer Clutch
from MelodyJune

Podular Botanical Necklace
from Tabmade

20 May, 2009

Fabric Collection Review: Moda Sultry by Basicgrey

Basicgrey is traditionally a paper design company that branched out and introduced their Sultry paper line into fabric for Moda. I ordered a charm pack that consisted of all 40 selections in this particular line, and frankly, I feel most of these designs translated very well for use in the sewing room.

Check out the entire collection online HERE at the Fat Quarter Shop.

In this collection you will find botanical prints and smooth geometrics that have a wonderful range that can please the palates of fans of shabby chic to whimsy to contemporary sleek. The color palette of Raspberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Pistachio hues mesh very well with current trends. The only snag I had, however, was that I was left wanting in the chocolate-hued category. There were very few selections that were of a predominantly brown design. To someone who blends and harmonizes fabrics in projects such as me, (and those millions of quilters out there especially) the lack of a few more balancing darks in this fabric family does leave me wanting (just a tad). But overall, this truly is an interesting collection.

Moda Sultry by Basicgrey : 4.5 out of 5

18 May, 2009

Kellibeans is now a member of the Bluegrass Etsy Street Team (TeamBluegrass)

I am now a member of the Bluegrass Etsy Street Team (TeamBluegrass)! I'm so excited to be included among so many other talented Kentucky Artists and Craftisans! To find Team Bluegrass items for sale on Etsy, search "teambluegrass" in the Etsy search box.

Other places to find Team Bluegrass on the web:

The TeamBluegrass Blog
TeamBluegrass on Facebook
TeamBluegrass on Twitter

If you are an Etsy seller or know someone who is, and live in the great state of Kentucky, do join!

I'm in Fabric Heaven!

Much to the behest of my poor, dear, little husband, I had a fabric addict relapse moment and splurged on 7 (Yes, I said SEVEN) various Moda Charm Pack collections from CharmPacksPlus on Friday night and received them in the afternoon post today. CharmPacksPlus is having a FREE SHIPPING special during the month of May, so plop on down over there and get your fix.

I believe I am going to have one of those moments like you see in those drug-mogul movies where they dump their looty booty out on a table and roll around in it...but in fabric.

*Oh yessss, it feels so luscious on my skinnn*

I plan on reviewing each collection in depth here on the blog.

15 May, 2009

Pretties on Etsy

Here are some of the wonderful handmade and vintage things I saw
this morning on Etsy, turned into an ensemble:

Empire dress - shocking/ electric yellow

from JustVic


from Boylerpf

Nesting Pearl Double Hoops

from Parkerlewislost

Little Garden Bracelet - Vintaj Amazonite Leaf Toggle

from BeadsByEvelyn


from DaliaDaliak

Vintage Mod 60s Womens Sequin Sandals Sz 7 7 1/2 8 Wood Seafoam Silver Teal Glitter Glam Twiggy Wood Wedge 50s

from foxandhisfriends

New Softie in Shop!

Kitty and Mr. Chow Indie Goddess Matryoshka Softie Doll

I really enjoyed making this little beauty.
Kitty has been the most fun to make so far in my little matryoshka goddess series.

New Pendants in shop!

(Get a load of them.) Mixed Media Art Collage Necklace Pendant

Special thanks to Rodrigo the wooden mannequin for his displaying talents!

01 May, 2009

Dumplings and such.

I've been working on a new and more affordable style of softie to put in my shop and yesterday I believe I may have found a decent match, because it is hellaciously cute but not so cute that it will cause me to lose some of my street cred, (because you know, street cred is tres important and we can't be flitting about without any in our pockets, now, can we?). Okay, maybe they are that cute and I never had said cred in the first place.

They remind me of a mix between onigiri (rice balls) and awesome.