16 March, 2009

Worky-Work, Busy Bee!

Apparently, I've had a case of 2 month long Blogitis.

Mostly, it is due to the fact that I've been frantically trying to prepare gifts for the birth of my niece. Since the tragic loss of my brother in September, I have immersed myself in trying to make certain his daughter will have everything she needs to make a fashionable arrival into this world (and for the sake of her Mama's ribs, let's just hope she doesn't choose to arrive fashionably late!)

Now that the baby shower has passed, I've been able to get back into the swing of making other people's children things. I'll get some pictures up soon of the reversible binky bibs and weenie beanies (also known as pee-pee teepees, anybody who has a little boy knows what happens when you're changing their diapers, and these little things come in SO handy!) I've been working like a madlady.

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