18 April, 2009


Meet Myra Matryoshka, my newest fabric ACEO. She is the standard size for an ACEO (which stands for Art Cards, Editions, & Originals), which is 2.5 x 3.5 inches, the same size as most any other trading card, and they're meant to be traded and displayed by artists, art lovers and fans of the ATC/ACEO movement alike (just like any other trading card!)

Myra is number one in a set of 10 Matryoshka cards in this style. I will design each card using different fabrics, with each one's face and hairstyle being unique. Though she may resemble her sisters in this little Matryoshka family, Myra truly IS one of a kind! See her in all her original, undistorted glory in my Etsy shop!

She is available for $6.00 (US) plus shipping, details in my Shop.
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