06 April, 2009

The Original Kellibeans Baby: Chloe Bella Cecilia

Albeit a week late (fashionably so!) and after a heck of a hard time for her (ruptured blood vessels in her eyes and a broken collar bone during delivery) and her poor mother(post-delivery complications), little Chloe has made her appearance as the first grandbaby/diva in my family, and we couldn't be happier. Ten fingers, ten toes, healthy & happy!

Here she is at one week old in one of her Kellibeans bibs and diva-esque bows. From the look on her face and the way she's holding her hand, I believe she is just about ready to tell us she is in dire need of a manicure that is about 9 months overdue. Watch out for this one, she is going to be S-P-I-C-Y!

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