23 June, 2009

TeamBluegrass Tuesday: Flowers!

I adore the flower on this crocheted cloche from Sweetbriars.

The Savvystitcher combined two of my favorite themes together in this cup cozy: owls and flowers.

I am a huge fan of VolcanoBlue's origami hairpieces.

Smackinart's Paintings evoke the same bold love of color that I utilize in my own artwork. There is so much fluid movement in the paint in this floral, seems like it's alive.

I really dig these adorable Polymer Clay Flower Pendants from Gracieluv's Shop.


  1. Everything is so pretty!! Love it! Thanks for including my "Pretty Petals"!!!

  2. Such pretty things!! I love them all!

  3. i really am loving that crocheted hat :D