13 June, 2009

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!? Blog Giveaway

Yes ladies and gents, I have decided to hold my very first blog giveaway!

So, tell me, who doesn't love free stuff? I know someone who liked winning things so much that once she entered a contest for a year's supply of free denture cream and she had perfect (real) teeth!

So in the spirit of people who love to win things, you can win this lovely handmade box (origami'd by yours truly) and of course, the handmade contents in it.

So, what's in the box?!?

I know some of you have been waiting to see what was inside the box before you entered. Without further adieu.... Drumroll Please...

It's an Original Kellibeans Fortune Kit!

The Fortune Kit is my newest product, a totally original gift set (some are themed!), and they'll be available in my Etsy shop starting next week! You can't get these anywhere else, folks!

Inside the winning kit, you will find:

Your very own Fairy Beans mini doll,
purveyor of all things awesome and mascot of mojo magnificence.

And a Set of 7 Handmade fabric fortune cookies,
complete with fortunes divined from the genius that belongs to yours truly.

So here is how you enter to win:
  1. Come back here and comment under this post as to which of my listings you like best and why.

(You MUST enter this way first, unless you are having technical difficulties with Blogger, and if you are, you can contact me via an Etsy convo/private message to enter.)

The contest ends on Saturday, June 20th. Everyone's entries will go into the Magic Goldfish Bowl of Plenty here in the studio, and Mr. Beans will be the one to draw out the winning ticket. I will post the winner here at 12pm (Central Time) Saturday morning, and will also tweet the results to my Twitter followers.


You can earn one extra entry for doing each of these things, each time you complete a task, come back here and drop me a comment to let me know you have completed them.

(Remember to leave a comment first or else I don't know whom to give extra credit to!)

So on to the deets for extra entries. You can:

1. Buy an item from my Etsy shop.
2. Follow my blog. (applies to new followers only)
3. Post about & link this giveaway on your blog.
4. ReTweet a link to this blog post on Twitter, using
@kellibeans so I can find you.

Again, good luck to everyone and get to entering!


  1. I like the Polka and Dot Matryoshka Mother and Child!!!

    Also, I'm tweeting this, like, right now. Consider it tweeted! @cutoutcollect

  2. im in love with your charles crackman dumpling softie, he is cute and hilarious!

  3. I actually have 2 favs: the gardening with compost pendant because I have the sense of humor much like a 7th grade boy & Kitty and Mr. Chow because I know the real life Kitty...or at least someone who looks exactly like her!

  4. I like the Charles Crackman dumpling softie. Love that face!

  5. I tweeted about your giveaway tonight!

  6. Kelli! You mastered the fabric fortune cookies...come to my house and teach me!! DO you have any idea how many hours I wasted trying to make those?? So I want to win this so I can enjoy having fabric fortune cookies in my house!

    I have to say again my favorite item of yours is the F.C. King pendant. I still giggle when I see it in your shop. I am also in love with the matroyshka dolls. Maylee would adore one!

  7. I twittered it too! And i twittered it on the team account, so does that mean the whole team has an entry too?? Just kidding, the team account is because I loves ya! But you better give me another entry for my twitter cuz I want them fabric cookies and Maylee needs a new "baby"!!!ROFLMAO!

  8. Hi!! I just started following your blog! Will you follow mine, as well? Right now i only hsve one follower! :( http://gracieluvcreations.blogspot.com/

    I love your Charles Crackman Dumpling Softie...he kind of reminds me of Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, which I love!!


  9. I blogged about your give away!

  10. Ooo I love your Kawaii Emmaline Dumpling Softie Doll! So sweet!

    I'm following your blog now.


  11. Hey Kellie. You know that I absolutely LOVE your handmade bibs...They are definately my fav. Im excited about your give away!!!