13 July, 2009

Miscellany Monday: Kawaii Food!

Oh how I love little food with faces...
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Hunter the Cheese Toast Plush
from Pumpkinpye517

The Angry Pickle
from Bittersweeets

Mini Marshmallow
from ScrumptiousDelight

Fried Egg Charm
from Komodokat

Rudy the Turnip Pal
from Flowerhead

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  1. I want the angry pickle...something about pissed off food makes me giggle. I used to draw pictures of the Hostess Twinkie guy with a mad face and the top of his head bit off...I would laugh so hard when I got done drawing it...over and over and over...

  2. All are so cute, but I like cheese toast the best!

  3. awww i luv the marshmellows my fave is the yellow one its just so adorable!