15 July, 2009

Wonky Wednesday: Doubletake!

All the items below were found searching the tag "weird" on Etsy. Most of the stuff people list under that tag is quite mild on there (for me, at least, and I have been known on occassion to be a little "weird" myself so I might just have a high tolerance for strange), but indeed there were some items in those search results that caught me off guard and made me click them instantly. Mostly because they were so frickin' awesome.

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I can't tell you how much I have always wanted a brain in a jar. I remember the summer after I turned eighteen and I was invited to dinner at my boss's house. Her partner's grandfather was a doctor and he had inherited an interesting curio of a brain preserved in a tall wooden case that you looked down into. At first the case looked like an old radio, and worked like one of those antique movie viewers, but boy were I and my 3 other co-worker companions fooled when we finally looked down inside. It was one of the most awesome things I'd ever come across in all of my 18 years...(I didn't get out much as a kid) so yeah, this brain in a jar brought back memories.

from YourOrganGrinder

Don't let the picture scale fool you, this baby is huge! It stands over 2 feet tall!This wormbaby sculpture is on a whole new plane of awesome that few folks are brave enough to venture into. I just love seeing the creativity that comes out of the Etsy community.

from ArtAkimbo

I have a thing for things that look back at me. I just can't help myself. This lucky eye pendant is pretty sleek.

from cherryhilldesigns

These are baby booties---CAN you believe it?!? I think these little creations are jaw-droppingly wonderful! How awesome would they be to pair up with a little outfit for either gender made from that Kaufman "Chopsticks Please!" fabric? The possiblities for cute are endless!

from sushibooties

Yes. This is indeed a zombie Christmas ornament. Here's an equation for you: Zombies + Christmas = Awesome freakin' ornament. I mean, zombies are awesome as a rule...but then you add Christmas?!? That's one of the most rad days for awesome on the calendar (tied with Chanukah for our Jewish pals) but behind Halloween, of course, because Halloween produces a WHOLE LOT of awesome. This combines awesome things from both holidays! That's like getting a surprise onion ring in your frybox!

from RW2Gallery

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  1. I'm not into zombies, but I did like the other items! Try doing a search under ugly! It's amazing what you find!