20 August, 2009

MoMo's Bows "Bow of the Month Giveaway"

A fellow member of TeamBluegrass is having a mindblowing blog giveaway, and I just had to share it with you. MoMo's Bows & Flip Flops is giving away a Bow of the Month Prize Package worth over $100 (yes, I said it!).

The little princess in your life will receive one bow in the mail every month, and an extra super duper mega special one in her birth month. I couldn't believe this giveaway when I saw it!

I'm entering for my little niece Chloe B, the Divalicious Bow Wearing Fiend (LOL).

I can just see her in those wonderful MoMo's Bows
now...*daydream sequence wavy fingers* doodly-doot doodly-doot doodly-doot doodly-doot doodly----What?!? There's nothing wrong with visualization! Oprah does it! LOL

So get on over to MoMo's Bows & Flip Flops and get yourself an entry.


  1. Aren't you just a doll?!?! That sweet niece of your's is adorable! Lovin' the diva tantrums!

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