10 August, 2009

RIP Mamaw Dawn

It's been a rough 10 months for my family, especially my Mother. I've been putting this post off because it hurts to talk about it. My Grandma passed away from lung cancer on July 29th. She was a petite woman with a personality that was anything but small. She raised 7 children on a hope and a prayer, and was married to my Grandpa for 56 years. They grew up next to each other, and she once told me that she couldn't remember a time when he wasn't in her life. She was a mother to so many children who weren't even her own.

This fine woman is where my mother and I got our crafty gene from. She taught me how to crochet and loom when I was very young and every time I pick up a hook these days memories of her keep flooding back in. ...Like this old box of buttons she used to have. She would go through that box ever so often and would tell me exactly where almost every single button came from. The ones from an army uniform, the bubbled buttons she took off an old wool coat she once owned, a sweater here and there. ...Her old convertible and her saying there was nothing better than some wind in your hair. ...She made the best cornbread on the planet. ...Her smile.

She's buried at my brother's feet. She was so comforted knowing she had him close to her in death (as she had in life), she loved him so.

I loved my Grandma so much. The world is less of a wonder without her.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your sorrow. Your Grandma handed a wonderful legacy to you by teaching you to crochet and loom. You'll always have a part of her with you because of it. There will come a time when memories of her will bring a smile to you.


  2. (((HUGS)))) You were blessed to have your Grandma in your life. The world was better because she was there.

  3. I was sorry sorry to hear about your grandmother and it brought back the pain of losing my grandmother last November. It's something you will always feel in your heart, but take comfort in the legacy she left and the craft gene you received from her. I have the same gene from my grandmother, who was crafty too. I have all her embroidery hoops, thread, etc. which comforts me. And lots of memories.