24 June, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: $10.00 or less!

I know a lot of folks are having to pinch pennies, and I know that a lot of you really want to support handmade but just don't have the bread to pass out all willy nilly, so without further adieu----It's Thrifty Thursday!!! Here are some interesting finds on Etsy that are clearance items or are in an affordable price range that I dug up. All are less than $10.00 (U.S) AFTER shipping! WHAAAAT?!? Yes, I said it!

I thought of a super-duper person who talks funny (you know who you are!) when I saw this set of 7 note cards with a nude woman riding a hippo. I love these! $6.75 after shipping.
from APDesignz

Anybody who knows me, knows I have a thing for gnomes. I also have a thing for rescuing and repurposing children's books. I have a growing collection of much-loved books that I've rescued from the trash and from the local library that will be given a new life in the form of something else. These hair barrettes are definitely in that spirit! $6.50 after shipping
from Glitterworkshop

I am a HUGE fan of PaperSparrow on Etsy. (-!HUGE!-) So huge a fan I've been secretly lurking this shop for almost a year. Really, one of the best illustration shops on Etsy, in my opinion. This stationery pack is $10 including shipping!
from PaperSparrow

Here is an awesome journal that caught my eye. At $4.50 AFTER shipping this is a steal!
from Jenerick

I fell in love with this wooden chicken puzzle. $9.50 after shipping. Everything in this shop is really affordable. Be sure to check out the amigurumi toys in this shop as well, I fell in love with the little octopus!
from TerrisCrafts


  1. Great items! You are one good shopper!

  2. I really like the nude cards! Pretty in Pink and in her birthday suit!

  3. what a great idea. I love the sparrow set - might have to pick one up for me too :-)