07 July, 2009

TeamBluegrass Tuesday: Ceramics!

(Once again, clicking the item's photo takes you directly to the individual listing, the link to the shops' names take you to the owner's shop.)

I love this Small Ceramic Pod Pendant
from Tabmade

I saw the craftsmanship in this Black Oak Leaf Tray and my jaw literally dropped and I proclaimed to the skies that it couldn't be real!
from HarmonArt2

I would totally follow this little bunny down the rabbit hole.
from MissDaisyW

Check out the deep glazing on this curve mug
from CampanaCeramics

I really dig the backstory behind this little Wood Fired Friendship Vase
from VeskoMom

And I ran across these two little non-ceramic-themed gems:

I just can't get enough of the eye candy that keeps coming out of Shemake's Studio.

I don't know what this says about me (you know, being a responsibly stuffy grownup with no sense of humor and copius amounts of decorum, know-how and what-for ---can you can tell I'm lying yet?) but I stalk FacesAreFunny's Shop regularly, and I regularly find myself chuckling like Beavis & Butthead because I love every item in this shop. It's the REAL gems like these that keep me coming back.


  1. Great picks. Thanks for the compliments on my leaf tray. It's one of my favs too. :)

  2. I've admired many of these pieces myself...Great picks!

  3. I decided a long time ago that being a grown-up is NO FUN, so often I pretend like I'm a 12 year old to keep myself from becoming a boring adult. Mustaches ARE funny! Thanks for "getting" it and including me in your Tuesday treasury!! All the pottery pieces are amazing! My mother was a potter so I know how much work goes into creating such beautiful works of art. Our team ROCKS!