08 July, 2009

Wonky Wednesday!

Today I woke up in a surreal mood...
(Clicking picture takes you to the individual item's listing, clicking link takes you to entire shop)

I love it when a collage sets a scene in a whole new dimension.
Starlite Nite print from LoveDogCardCompany

One of the masters of the surreal...Salvador Dali Tee
from vortextradingcompany.

This melting clock hat, titled "Watch" is so flippin' great I could look at it all day. from tomokotahara

Check out this Adelaide Gazelling print from GrandOleBestiary. In fact, check out this whole shop because everything in there is A-Mazing.

In the spirit of Rene Magritte, (one of my favorite artists) this pendant is not a pipe. Check out TillyBloom's shop, it's chock full of awesome.

This print, titled "I Remember Falling" just stands out to me. Talk about another shop that is pretty awesome, check out the rest of the eye candy over at lightleaks

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  1. These are great finds! I think we have the same taste. I enjoyed seeing your picks.