27 July, 2010

About Mo & Me: My Crochet Inspiration Hero of the Day

I just had to pop over here and blog about this magical crochet upholstered chair that I spotted online from the About Mo & Me Blog.  It's covered with granny square style crocheted hexagon motifs and it was so fantagical (fyi, my own word blend of 'fantastic' and 'magical' that is used way more often than is appropriate) that my jaw hit the floor from sheer whimsicality overload.  I was so mesmerized I think I saw a cricket in a hot air balloon, couple of dancing goldfish waving ribbon streamers and a box turtle wearing a top hat and monocle while eating a cupcake on a mushroom.  Scoot on over to About Mo & Me and look at all the other fabulous treats there for you to enjoy.

Photo Copyright 2010 About Mo & Me

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kelli,

    thank you very, very much for your wonderful words about Lucy (the chair) and Mo's and mine blog. I'm absolutely overwhelmed and Mo will love it, too! Moreover thank you for leaving a note, this way I could find your lovely blog. I'll follow! :-) Your word-creations are splendid!

    All the best