28 July, 2010

Lovable Locks

I have decided to grow my hair long again.  Last time I was able to donate over 14 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.  Knowing that I've helped a kid feel good about themselves at a scary time in their life gives me the warm and fuzzies (and some karma points too, I'm sure).

So, considering I'm only "borrowing" the use of my hair for a while, I need to make sure I take extra good care of it for it's next owner.  To celebrate, I've ordered myself some all natural shampoo bars from Libby Goldsmith at Maylees Garden Vegan Soaps.  Libby makes the hand-formed artisan shampoo bars from her own hot process soap using olive, soybean, and coconut oils, and then scents them with essential and fragrance oils like Patchouli, Lemon, Nag Champa and Lavender.  We're Patchouli & Nag Champa nuts in this house, so that's what I ordered.  Libby niche markets her shampoo bars for dreadlocks, but they're perfect for use in any other hair type. If you are a fan of her Facebook page, she gives you a coupon code to her Artfire shop for free shipping for any order over $10.  She also sends out samples of her other products with every order, and with that combination, you can't beat that deal for a quality liquid shampoo at even a big box store.  And if that weren't enough, this wonder mama also sells her own natural eco friendly laundry soaps in more scents than you can shake a stick at!  Zoom on over to Maylee's Garden and support a stay at home mama who is living the handmade life while supporting her family.  Tell her Kellibeans "scent" you!

Photograph Copyright 2010 Maylees Garden Soaps

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